Yasuhiro Toyosu Patent & Trademark Attorney

Specialized in Intellectual Property Rights, including Patent, Trademark, and Copyright
Prosecution, Opposition and Litigation
Japan and International law

ƒAƒCƒRƒ“ Firm Profile

    1-5-6, Kanazawa, Tokushima-c, 770-0871 JAPAN
  • TEL:+81 (0) 88-664-2277
  • FAX:+81 (0) 88-664-1335
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  • Website: https://toyosu.net
  • Since 1971, our firm led by Mr. Yasuhiro TOYOSU, contributes many local company as well as international company building patent and trademark protection.

ƒAƒCƒRƒ“ Yasuhiro Toyosu

  • Mr. Yasuhiro Toyosu is a founder and leading partner of the firm, he is a Japanese Patent Attorney.
  • SPECIALTY: Electrical Engineering
    LANGUAGES: Japanese and English

ƒAƒCƒRƒ“ Yasushi Toyosu

  • Registered Japanese Patent Attorney
    Qualified U.S. Patent Agent
    Visiting professor at Tokushima University
  • Part-time lecturer at Osaka Institute of Technology (2005)
    Yasuhiro Toyosu Patent and Trademark Attorney (Japan 1995-
    Wenderoth, Lind and Ponack, L.L.P. (Washington, D.C. 1996-2000)

    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Patent Academy
    Phase II, III, IV (1996),
    Osaka City University Graduate School,
    Majored in Electrical Engineering (1991-1995,
    Master of Electrical Engineering, 1995)
    Osaka City University, the faculty of Engineering,
    the department of Electrical Engineering (1987-1991,
    Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, 1991)
  • SPECIALITY: Electrical Engineering
    LANGUAGES: Japanese and English
  • Mr. Yasushi Toyosu is partner of the firm.  He has helped this firm for many years before his join. He co-authored "U.S. Patent Case study I" and "II" (published by ILS Publications, Inc. in 1998).
    As for his personal acquirement, he has a black belt of martial art "Shaolinji Temple" third-dan. He also has good skill about personal computer technology, for example, he has developed personal web-site "www.toyosu.com" by himself. He loves an American movie.

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